Feeling: Alright

She/her | 16 | Bisexual

Artist & Animator | A

bear IRL | ISTP-T


Hai!!! I'm chowder, the funny internet girl ^w^! I'm an artist and

animator who also likes coding and other creative things. Besides

art, I like writing, collecting, and learning new languages.

I made this website to practice my coding skills and meet other ppl

like me ;o! IDK what else to put on here. L8R!!!


  • Make my art page
  • design my shrines
  • logo
  • Make a site button thing
  • Music player
  • Chatbox thing


1/12/24-New layout (black now B-D)

12/18/23-About me is OPEN!(above pfp)

12/16/23-New layout :D!!!